34 Answers Where to Stay in London (Cozy And Cheap)

London is the bright, brilliant epicentre of the United Kingdom, and one of the greatest cities in the world. You can fit in anywhere in London, and you’re guaranteed to have the time of your life. That’s why it’s always a great idea to check out some of the budget accommodation in the city to save those pennies for the incredible experiences London has to offer.

  1. Ibis Styles London

Where to Stay in London

It may be a chain, but don’t let that put you off! This place looks excellent and is ideal if you want to stay somewhere a little more familiar. Colourful, innovative, and convenient, this hotel is perfect for anyone looking to get through a visit to London and help their pennies stretch that little bit further about where to stay in London

Price: From £43 per night

2. Newington Court, Stoke Newington, London

where to stay in London

Based in the happening area of Stoke Newington, this is a hostel you seriously need to look at. The value for money here is superb, and there is a lot to love about this place. Offering excellent self-catering facilities, as well as a laundry room, and a great communal area, this is one of the best hostels in the city.

Price: From £36 per night

3. The Black Lion, Kilburn High Road, Camden

where to stay in London

The Black Lion is an iconic pub in Camden, and they have rooms above where you can stay for the night. This is perfect because you have easy access to booze and food, as well as sleek, modern rooms to sleep in. Definitely check out this charming and beautiful inn, situated in a hip and happening area of the city.

Price: From £45 per night

4. Lords Hotel, Leinster Square, Westminster Borough

where to stay in London

Lords Hotel provides exactly what you would expect (and want) from a budget hotel. There is no fanfare or posturing, instead, you are just able to enjoy a basic hotel with a really low price. Those expecting The Ritz will come away disappointed, but, if you’re simply looking for somewhere to sleep and wash, this is ideal.

Price: From £46 per night

5. Ravna Gora, Holland Park Avenue, Kensington & Chelsea

where to stay in London

If you are looking for budget luxury, you need look no further than the Ravna Gora. This period townhouse is simply stunning to look at, and the interior is pretty amazing as well. There are excellent rooms of all shapes and sizes, and the decor is unforgettable. For perfect B&B accommodation, bilingual staff, and fantastic transport links, this place is perfect.

Price: From £47 per night

6. The Windmill, Cricklewood Broadway, Camden

where to stay in london

Another of those great guesthouses where you can enjoy fine food, tasty ale, and a comfortable room for the night. This is a modern and trendy hotel, with rooms equipped exactly as you would want them. It’s the ideal place to stay if you want somewhere that’s a little more sociable than most hotels.

Price: From £48 per night

7. Enrico Hotel, Warwick Way, Victoria

where to stay in london

Check out this perfect budget hotel near Victoria station in the heart of South London. This is where you want to be as a tourist because it keeps you close to all the sightseeing opportunities. The staff here are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful, and there are even computers guests can use for planning their next adventure!

Price: From £49 per night

8. Ibis London Wembley, South Way, Wembley

where to stay in london

Ibis is always a great choice if you are on a budget, and you can’t go wrong with this hotel. The rooms are spacious and modern, the hotel has a lot of character for a chain establishment, and the staff are simply incredible. They speak over a dozen languages and can answer questions about the surrounding area. This is a great choice for anyone wanting a smart budget hotel.

Price: From £49 per night

9. Point A Hotel London Paddington, Praed Street, Westminster

where to stay in london

This smart hotel is fresh, modern, and wonderfully designed. It is the perfect combination of innovation and basic comfort. This is the sort of hotel I would categorise as being budget luxury, and for that reason, it’s an absolute must for those looking to stay somewhere cheap in the city.

10. Holiday Inn Express, Broadway, Ealing

where to stay in london

A fabulous and unforgettable option here is the fantastic Holiday Inn Express. You can’t go wrong with these hotels, and this one, in particular, is incredibly good. The value for money is unbelievable, and the rooms are gorgeous. Oh, and the views, the views are fabulous as well!

Price: From £53 per night

11. Acton Hill Hotel, Uxbridge Road, London

where to stay in london

Check out this convenient budget choice clause to Acton Town and Ealing. The rooms are clean and tidy, and the multilingual staff are friendly and receptive. It’s basically the ideal budget hotel for anyone seeking a cheap and uncomplicated form of accommodation, with great transport links to boot!

Price: From £53 per night

12. Sheriff Hotel, Warwick Way, Westminster

where to stay in london

Tucked away in the heart of Victoria, Sheriff Hotel is one of those that you might even walk right past if you weren’t thinking about it. And you’d be missing out because this is a really excellent budget choice. This family-run hotel is one of the best prospects if you’re looking for a wonderful budget hotel in the city.

Price: From £55 per night

13. London Star Hotel, Steyne Road, Acton

where to stay in london

London Star Hotel is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a stay in the city. It has a kooky and quirky design and has easy access to everything. The cost to value ratio is pretty awesome here and this is a great choice. The manager, Ali, is friendly and knowledgeable, and went out of his way to help us as much as he could – recommended

Price: From £55 per night

14. The Lion & Key Hotel, High Road, Leyton

where to stay in london

How amazing does this place look? If you want somewhere with incredible ratings, unbelievable rooms, and great quality food and drink, this is the hotel for you. It’s an excellent looking hotel and pub, and it’s a wonderfully modern establishment. There’s a reason this is such a popular hotel, and you’re about to find out why for yourself!

Price: From £55 per night

15. Notting Hill Gate Hotel, Clanricarde Gardens, Kensington

where to stay in london

Notting Hill is one of the best areas in London, and it’s perfect for tourists wanting to explore the city. Some of the rooms are quite small and intimate, but they are also perfect for solo travellers, even couples. This is a charming and friendly establishment, full of character, and perfectly budget-friendly as well.

Price: From £58 per night

16. Corner House Hotel, Camden Road, Camden

where to stay in london

Nestled away on the corner of Camden Road, this family-run establishment is perfect for those looking for the ultimate, basic accommodation in the city. There is a great variety of rooms on offer, and the surrounding area is excellent. Everything you could need from a cheap hotel for the weekend is on display right here.

Price: From £58 per night

17. Central Hotel Golders Green, Hoop Lane

where to stay in london

There are loads of bright, budget rooms available at this wonderful little hotel. The establishment is clean and comfortable, and there are loads of different choices on offer. They serve traditional continental breakfasts here, the perfect way to start your morning off in style, and only a few minutes away from the tube line.

Price: From £59 per night

18. Private Room for Two, Limehouse, London

where to stay in london

If you are travelling as a couple and looking for the perfect place to stay, this is definitely going to be up there. The property is a 5-bedroom apartment in which you’ll be renting one room, so there is plenty of opportunity for socialising. The Limehouse neighbourhood is excellent, and there is plenty of opportunity to access tourist attractions – plus you’re right on the river.

Price: From £20 per night

19. Cozy Room, Paddington, London

where to stay in london

Check out this cosy and peaceful double room available in the centre of Paddington. It’s ideal for anyone looking to for a great location, and plenty of opportunity to get out and about. Always there is the perfect host, and will really help you identify the best areas of London to explore.

Price: From £25 per night

20. Arty Apartment, Shoreditch, London

where to stay in london

It’s one of the best-value places on the entire site, and perfect for the hip, trendy traveller. The entire apartment is available to rent for up to 4 people, and it’s situated by the arty Brick Lane. Host Peter is a definite social butterfly and will make you feel right at home. Price is per person if 4 of you are staying.

Price: From £26 per night

21. Double Room in Victorian House, West Ham, London

where to stay in london

Wow, this is a pretty amazing Victorian house, with enormous ceilings, and smart, hardwood floors. It’s fully furnished and airy, and there is an excellent double room to rent. Communal facilities are excellent, and there is a perfectly spacious garden to relax in as well – definitely check this place out.

Price: From £29 per night

22. Cottage in Crystal Palace, Thornton Heath, London

where to stay in london

If you want a little more space and luxury, why not check out this incredible cottage in Thornton Heath? This is the ideal accommodation for anyone with kids, or couples who are looking for somewhere more upmarket, but less expensive.

Price: From £34 per night

23. Spacious Double Room, Waterloo, London

where to stay in london

Check out Tibor’s fantastic double room for rent in the heart of London. The best thing about this place is how close it is to all the big attractions in London, such as the Thames, Big Ben, and the London Eye. It’s the ultimate budget  place and the perfect headquarters for your city break.

Price: From £39 per night

24. Studio Apartment, Tower Hill, London

where to stay in london

This new and luxurious studio apartment is one of the best choices. The value for money is quite incredible, with this place setting you back as little as £53 per night. You get to enjoy the entire apartment, and a wonderful outside terrace as well – ideal.

Price: From £53 per night

25. One Bedroom Flat, Chelsea, London

where to stay in london

Check out this cosy and luxurious property in the affluent area of Chelsea. It’s a place that is certainly full of personality, and ideal for those seeking budget luxury and good transport links. There is a wonderful balcony you can make use of when the weather is good, and a huge couch that can sleep an extra guest.

Price: From £55 per night

26. Loft Apartment, Clerkenwell, London

where to stay in london

Fall in love with this amazing loft apartment in Clerkenwell. Yes, it’s at the pricier end of the budget spectrum, but it’s still a great budget place, and it looks unbelievable. The value for money here is sensational, and the apartment has a wicked outside space. James is a fantastic host, and knows London like the back of his hand- use his knowledge!

Price: From £65 per night

27. No.8 Seven Sisters, Seven Sisters, London

where to stay in london

Having had a revamp recently, No.8 Seven Sisters is definitely a hostel you need to check out. This place is a wonderful, traditional pub, with a great beer garden and excellent rooms. The cost of a bed in a dorm is absolute peanuts, and ideal for those who are looking for a sociable break in the city.

Price: From £7.68 per night

28. Queen Elizabeth Chelsea, Bagleys Lane, London

where to stay in london

This iconic hostel in is situated above a delightful pub in the affluent borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The rooms are large and clean, and perfect for those looking for a comfortable place to sleep. There is also plenty of scope for socialising, touring, and there’s a wonderful breakfast buffet each morning.

Price: From £9.33 per night

29. St Christopher’s Greenwich, Greenwich, London

where to stay in london

This cheap hostel represents excellent value for money and is one of the top choices for backpackers in the city. The rooms are modern and attractive, and it’s important to experience all that this wonderful hostel has to offer. It’s safe, secure, and looks great, and you will feel right at home spending a few days here.

Price: From £10.20 per night

30. Via London, Manor Park, London

where to stay in london

Check out this incredible hostel in South London that is just perfect for all your needs. Located in a picturesque area, and a lovely old building, the hostel is one of the sleekest and most trendy in the city. It sits on the edge of Manor Park and gives you the feel of spending a lovely weekend in the country.

Price: From £12 per night

31. No Limit Hostel, Camden, London

where to stay in london

No Limit hostel is one of the most fun and exciting hostels in London, and is situated above a traditional pub – that means plenty of beer and hearty food at your fingertips. The hostel is just a few minutes from the tube, not far from the trendy area of Camden, and there are also plenty of opportunities to make new friends.

Price: From £12.72 per night

32. Holland House, Eccleston Square, London

where to stay in london

This beautiful and picturesque hostel is situated in one of the most aesthetically pleasing areas of London. It’s a pleasure to soak up the sights and sounds from the comfort of this excellent hostel. There are great transport links, and the hostel has a gym, provides breakfast every morning, and offers a 3-course dinner for £4.

Price: From £12.99 per night

33. Safestay London Kensington, Kensington & Chelsea, London

where to stay in london

The great thing about it is the fact that it feels and looks so much more expensive than it actually is. The purple colour scheme is excellent, and there is plenty of space for guests. There is also an excellent communal area to enjoy as well – get this on your list immediately!

Price: From £16.20 per night

34. MEININGER London Hyde Park, Queen’s Gate, London

where to stay in london

With the perfect location and some definite beauty in its own right, this is an amazing choice for a budget hostel in the city. For less than £20 per night, you can get a comfortable, clean, modern room, a fantastic restaurant, and wonderful social prospects. You will definitely be staying here again when you get the opportunity.

Price: From £19.33 per night

Thats’s why you must explore the world, because you have so many friends from universe then you can stay everywhere in this world. See you soon!


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