32 List of All Vegan Foods (Healthy and Yummy)

List of All Vegan Food – You won’t find lots of tofu or meat substitutes here—just wholesome vegan meals made with protein-rich whole grains, beans and fresh produce. You will find many insights to build your future start from your foods.

1. Gingery Tofu Slow Cooker Soup


This is a light, bright slow cooker soup. It cooks all day, leaving you with the most flavor-rich broth. Then all that’s left to do in the evening is add the tofu and soba noodles and cook for a few more minutes until they’re warmed through.

2. Slow Cooker Ravioli Lasagna


Frozen ravioli is the best kept secret for making a homestyle lasagna with barely an effort. You just layer it in a slow cooker with a tangy marinara sauce and mild shreds of mozzarella cheese and, eight hours later, you’re digging into a bowl of saucy lasagna.

3. Vegan Slow Cooker Chickpea Tikka Masala


This Indian favorite, with chickpeas swimming in a creamy, spiced tomato sauce, is easy to bring to the table any night of the week when your slow cooker is involved.

4. Slow Cooker Veggie Pot Pie


Pull out your slow cooker and loaded veggie pot pie is easy to fit into your midweek meal plan. Keep it simple by topping the meal off with a tube of flaky biscuits or, if you have a little extra time, consider popping a batch of cream biscuits into the oven.

5. Curried Coconut Quinoa and Greens with Roasted Cauliflower


This gluten free and vegan recipe serves 4 and costs $2.19 per serving. One serving contains 318 calories, 10g of protein, and 12g of fat. Plenty of people made this recipe, and 166 would say it hit the spot. If you have ground turmeric, sea salt, cider vinegar, and a few other ingredients on hand, you can make it. From preparation to the plate, this recipe takes about 40 minutes.

6. Curried Vegetable and Chickpea Stew


This veggie and bean dump-and-go soup picks up an extra layer of depth and richness from a Parmesan rind that gets simmered along with the ingredients. Pair it with a fresh baguette and you’ve got dinner.

7. Slow Cooker Minestrone


This Best Ever Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup is thick, comforting, and packed full of vegetables! It’s so flavourful and easy to make, and it’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold day!

8. Slow Cooker Dal


When you want a meatless meal that is truly comforting, look no further than an easy batch of dal made in the slow cooker. This version is made with split red lentils and a warm medley of spices like cumin, mustard, and fennel.

9. Slow Cooker Black Bean Enchiladas


In a departure from classic enchiladas, the tortillas in this version soak up some of the salsa and soften quite a bit. But the most important thing to know is that they are every bit as cheesy and delicious.

10. Slow Cooker Veggie Burrito Bowls


The key to getting these brown rice, bean, and veggie burrito bowls just right is layering the ingredients in the slow cooker to ensure all the ingredients cook evenly.

11. Burgrowth

vegetarian food

Serves innovative, organic and vegetarian fare in a relaxed garden setting. Be sure to try the various vegetarian skewers (made from beans, cheese, lentils, and mushrooms).

12. Tofu Deli Meats


Generally speaking, deli meat is pretty bad for you. So it’s no surprise that vegan deli meat isn’t great for you, either. “Many meat-free alternatives are high in sodium and, in some cases, sugar,” Michalczyk says. “Looking for ones that contain 400mg of sodium or less is the better option.”

13. Vegan Toast Dipping Sauce


The key flavour in this recipe is black salt (also called kala namak). If you are new to black salt, the first thing you will notice is that it isn’t black at all, it’s pink. But don’t confuse it with Himalayan salt which is a totally different thing. The coolest thing about black salt is that it tastes exactly like egg.

14. Pizza Burritos


All the good stuff about pizza, handily wrapped in a flour tortilla for easy munching. They are good hot or cold, and freeze very well for later use. This are the ingredients we use, but just throw in whatever you like.

15. Chickpea and Onion Omelette


Huge fan of onions, my most favorite way to prepare this omelette, is to add a bunch of onions slices to the batter. Cooked onions just taste so sweet and smell divine.

16. Gingerbeard Waffles


They are full of healthy ingredients with only one and a half tablespoons of oil in the entire batch.  It also has some great health benefits which you do not get with regular white or wholewheat flour.

17. Grits Bowl with Avocado and Baked Tofu Strips


This grits bowl is almost like a deconstructed breakfast sandwich. Slap the toppings between two slices of bread, and you’ve got breakfast on the go. But if you’re a grits-lover like Dave is, you probably won’t want to ever take this meal out of a bowl.

18. Vegan Breakfast Sandwich


Sometimes, as a vegan, a really hearty and satisfying breakfast can be hard to come by. Smoothies and granola just ain’t gonna cut it some days. Good thing we can now make The Ultimate Vegan Breakfast Sandwich right in the comfort of our own homes.

19. Vegan Blueberry French Toast Breakfast Muffins


These new vegan blueberry French toast breakfast muffins are the best thing to happen in the world. They are super easy to make, you can prep everything the night before, and while you’re throwing in a load of laundry, getting ready for the day, or even just sitting on the couch reading your favorite magazine (well unless you’re a mom then you’re probably breaking up a fight or keeping someone from destroying something), these babies are baking to perfection.

20. Greek Chickpeas on Toast


This recommendation is to serve this on good quality bread. We are spoilt for choice here as all the local bakeries make an array of beautiful breads. We went for slices of toasted sourdough as it provides a pleasant crunchiness against melt in the mouth beans.

21. Vegan Breakfast Hash


This simple vegan breakfast hash will become your favorite dishes to make on the weekends for breakfast, or prep ahead for easy week day mornings.

22. Smoky Sweet Potato Tempeh Scramble


This smoky, flavorful breakfast tempeh scramble is made with sweet potato chunks, red pepper and avocados. Serve on it’s own, or wrapped in a warm tortilla!

23. Vegan Tomato and Asparagus Quiche


A fresh and seasonal Sun-Dried Tomato and Asparagus Vegan Quiche made with sun-dried tomatoes and asparagus for a hearty breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

24. Overnight Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls


These are overnight cinnamon rolls, meaning you mix up the dough the night before and leave it to rise in the fridge over night. In the morning, with a little bit of time and patience you can have fresh cinnamon rolls which is perfect for lazy people.

25. Tofu Scramble


A tofu scramble is a classic hearty vegan breakfast, but the tofu scrambles I’ve had that I would call goo, are unfortunately low.

26. Spinach & Articoke Quiche


Using tofu in the spinach artichoke quiche adds lots of protein while spinach is a good source of vitamins A and C. Artichokes add dietary fiber as well as magnesium, potassium, and vitamin C.

27. Sweet Oil Free Crepes


Knowing exactly what temperature and when to flip takes a little practice, so you might end up with one a little too brown the first time around. They will be coming out perfectly browned every time very soon.

28. Vegan Fried Egg


Maximize your moment to make vegan fried egg. Yes, you read that right. Vegan Fried Egg. No, Sam has not turned into a mad scientist this week, but she has turned into a craving stomper.

29. Fig Oatmeal Bake


This recipe is both a delicious breakfast, and a valid dessert option. The fig oatmeal bake is healthy enough for breakfast eating (plus its got protein from cashews), and the streusel topping with caramelized pears is sweet and flavorful enough to be a dessert. So you basically get two recipes in one.

30.  Fig Oatmeal Bake


What do you use for egg!? Pssshhhh… Egg shmegg. Let’s do more awesome than “regular” french toast.  Full of creamy coconut and banana goodness, This is the ultimate upgrade to French Toast.

31. Enchilada Breakfast Casserole


This Breakfast Enchiladas Casserole Is Everything You Love About Enchiladas And Breakfast Casseroles In One Recipe! Corn Tortillas, Eggs, Sausage, Bacon, Green Chili Sauce, Sour Cream, And Lots Of Cheese!! Definitely A Crowd Pleaser!

32. Balance Nutrition


So that’s it! Really hope you enjoy this menus!! Leave a comment below and let me know if you make this (extra credit if you are camping and you send me a pic!!), and see you on my next post! Thanks!

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